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Download Shootemup

Eagle 1 Arcade Game.

Perhaps there will be an improved version later on

Download Puzzles 48

Puzzles / Jigsaws Pack 1

36 puzzles with 48 pieces each

Download Puzzles 350

Puzzles / Jigsaws Pack 2

18 puzzles with +- 350 pieces each

Download moonbase3D

3D Moonbase Alpha simulator

Will open a new page that hosts the game

Download Screensaver

A Screen Saver with 48 different 3D Eagle pictures.
All you have to do is copy the .scr file into your Windows directory.

(Right click with the mouse and do "Save As")

Download shoot'me up

An early arcade style game

First game. Not fancy, even so it is a good time killer

Download DF mod

Another of my works; a campaign I've made for Delta Force 2.
Based on the East Timor independence events on Set-Oct 1999.

See readme file for more information.