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If  you want to contribute while I'm busy doing the levels, there is a lot of things you can do mainly objects (furniture and the moon buggy), textures (to replace some of my work) and weapons. Credits will be given to the contributors.

General Furniture (Catherine's page; opens in a new window)

While there's a lot of furniture that could be made; I'm interested mainly in the items below:
Pileo Lamp  Image Sorella Lamp Toga Chair

Moon buggy
This item would be a great addition. Here's the best photos I've gather, including a very rare information about the exact dimensions of the Amphicat.

Moonbuggy photos


Axe photos
Laser Rifle
Laser Rifle photos

Email me if you are interested and tell me what do you want to make.
Note: Furniture must be made with the Max Payne Editor , gun meshes with almost any 3D tool (AutoCad, 3D Studio, Lightwave, Milkshape, etc).