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What is Payne: 1999

It's a costume mod made with the engine of "Max Payne" game, that simulates the interiors of Moon base Alpha from the sci-fi series Space:1999; hence the name Payne: 1999.  Both Level J (the biggest) and the upper levels were made, on a project that combines what you see on TV with what is detailed on the plans. So the goal was to produce a mod that tries to put as much as it was seen on the series, with what the plans show.

Since Payne 1999 has been an one man project (just one person doing all the research, textures, objects, maps, programming, objects animation, etc. etc. etc.) don't expect the rest of the levels to be completed in one month or two.

System Requirements

In order to run Payne 1999 you need the Max Payne game and then to install the package found in the download sections.

The original game Max Payne can now be found at the Power Games collection, and many times at a cheaper price in the discounts section or the bargain bin of any software store. The Pc version requires a minimum of 450 Mhz  Processor, 16 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card and 96 MB RAM but you can always play with the specs, so if you have a slower processor but more memory or better graphics card, the game can run just fine.

max payne                              max payne

Max Payne was considered Game of the Year by many magazines and editors; see here a list of prizes. There are also console and Mac OS versions of MP. According to the creators, "both PC and Mac versions of Max Payne can use mod-files." If you want more information try search here at MP's home page.