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Since there are always people who wants to know what kind of software they should use to produce games here's a list of what I used (mostly older versions that came as free software in CD's magazines or with hardware devices). It's an help for those rookies who wants to produce mods and have no idea where to start:

Max Payne Editor - To make the levels, lights, and objects. It's a tool that cames with Max Payne game.

Micrografx Picture Publisher 7 - Good program to tweak textures and to retouch pictures. It's not useful to draw images from scratch, but it's awesome when it comes to retouch textures, add lights and shadows, etc. I think it no longer exists because it was bought and incorporated into Corel Draw.

Paint - Yes, the normal Paint that comes with Windows is excellent when it comes to paint/retouch pixel by pixel.

Milkshape 1.6 - Good program to build 3D models. I've used only to import the gun mesh into the game and to apply some of the textures into Max Payne characters.

Camtasia  3.0 - Good program to make film captures on your screen.  There are new versions, but this one suits me fine. It was used to eliminate/change frames from the several films that would compose the intro film.

Ulead VideoStudio 3.0- Outstanding software to edit and produce films. By sheer luck I've noticed I had an old CD with this program. It's hard to use at first but once you are used to it,  it becomes very simple.

Sound Blaster Wave Studio 4.02- To edit sounds, music and to convert them into .wav formats.

Netscape 7.1 - Netscape Navigator now comes with a lot of stuff incorporated (pop-up block, html editor, etc.), so I've decided to use the html composer to make this site, instead of coding the html "by hand" with Notepad as I've always done.

So if you think making mods are easy, just remember I had to learn all this software by myself and had no prior experience with 3d tools, image programs or video editing tools...